Island Forms

Base Forms


6” Radius Corners

bf18181318"x18"x13"H base form stl.
bf1818918"x18"x9"H base form stl.
bf24241324"x24"x13"H base form stl.
bf2424924"x24"x9"H base form stl
bf24601324"x60"x13"H base form stl.
bf2460924"x60"x9"H base form stl
bf27271327"x27"x13"H base form stl
bf2727927"x27"x9"H baser form stl
bf30301330"x30"x13"H base form stl.
bf3030930"x30"x9"H base form stl
bf30481330"x48"x13"H Base Form Stl.
bf36361336"x36"x13"H Base form Stl.
bf3636936"x36"x9"H Base From Stl.
bf36481336"x48"x13"H Base Form Stl.
bf3648936"x48"x9"H base form stl.
bf484813648"x48"x13"H 6" R Base Form Stl.
bf4848948"x48"x9"H base form stl.
bf48541348"x54"x13"H base form stl.
bf4854948"x54"x9"H base form stl

Stainless Steel

6” Radius Corners

bf181813ss18"x18"x13"H base form stainless
bf18189ss18"x18"x9"H base form Stainless
bf242413ss24"x24"x13"H base form Stainless
bf24249ss24"x24"x9"H base form Stainless
bf246013ss24"x60"x13"H base form Stainless
bf24609ss24"x60"x9"H base form Stainless
bf272713ss27"x27"x13"H base form Stainless
bf27279ss27"x27"x9"H base form Stainless
bf303013ss30"x30"x13"H base form Stainless
bf30309ss30"x30"x9"H base form Stainless
bf304813ss30"x48"x13"H base form Stainless
bf363613ss36"x36"x13"H base form Stainless
bf36369ss36"x36"x9"H base form Stainless
bf364813ss36"x48"x13"H base form stainless
bf36489ss36"x48"x9"H base form Stainless
bf4848136ss48"x48"x13"H Base Form Stainless
bf48489ss48"x48"x9"H base form Stainless
bf485413ss48"x54"x13"H base form Stainless
bf48549ss48"x54"x9"H base form Stainless
  • Available in 2 pc construction for wrapping columns.
  • Round base forms with no bead available please email [email protected] for info.

Standard Forms

Please specify: 6″ or Full Radius Ends – For 9″ or 13″ High Island Forms When Ordering

  • For smaller style islands see Base Forms on this web site
  • For other size islands not listed call or e-mail for more information
  • To add bumpers, see Bumpers below.

Standard Forms SS

if30596ss30"x5'x9"H 6"R Stainless Form
if306136ss30"x6'x13"H Stainless Stl form
if365136ss36"x5'x13"H 6"R Stainless stl. form
if36596ss36"x5'x9"H 6"R Stainless Form
if365413ss36"x54"x13"H Stainless Stl.
if366136ss36"x6'x13"H 6"R Stainless Stl
if36696ss36"x6'x9"H 6"R Stainless form
if367136ss36"x7'x13"H 6"R Stainless stl
if36796ss36"x7'x9"H 6"R Stainless Stl
if368136ss36"x8'x13"H 6"R Stainless stl
if36896ss36"x8'x9"H 6"R Stainless Steel
if369136ss36"x9'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if36996ss36"x9'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3610136ss36"x10'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361096ss36"x10'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3611136ss36"x11'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361196ss36"x11'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if361213636"x12'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361296ss36"x12'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3613136ss36"x13'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361396ss36"x13'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3614136ss36"x14'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361496ss36"x14'x9'H 6"R Stainless
if3615136ss36"x15'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361596ss36'x15'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3616136ss36"x16'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361696ss36"x16'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3617136ss36"x17'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361796ss36"x17'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3618136ss36'x18'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361896ss36"x18'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3619136ss36"x19'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if361996ss36"x19'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3620136ss36"x20'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362096ss36"x20'x9"H6"R Stainless
if3621136ss36"x21'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362196ss36"x21'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3622136ss36"x22'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362296ss36"x22'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3623136ss36"x23'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362396ss36"x23'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3624136ss36"x24'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362496ss36"x24'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3625136ss36"x25'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362596ss36"x25'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3626136ss36"x26'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362696ss36"x26'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3627136ss36"x27'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362796ss36"x27'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3628136ss36"x28'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362896ss36"x28'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3629136ss36"x29'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if362996ss36"x29'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3630136ss36"x30'x13'H 6"R Stainless
if363096ss36"x30'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3631136ss36"x31'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if363196ss36"x31'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3632136ss36"x32'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if363296ss36"x32'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3633136ss36"x33'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if363396ss36"x33'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3634136ss36"x34'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if363496ss36"x34'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if3635136ss36"x35'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if363596ss36"x35'x9"H 6" R Stainless
if3636136ss36'x36'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if363696ss36"x36'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if485136ss48"x5'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if48596ss48"x5'x9"H 6"R Stainless form
if486136ss4'x6'x13"H 6" R Stainless Stl
if48696ss48"x6'x9"H 6"R Stainless Stl.
if487136ss48"x7'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if48796ss48"x7'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if488136ss48"x8'x13"H 6"R Stainless Form
if48896ss48"x8'x9"H 6"R Stainless Form
if489136ss48"x9'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if48996ss48"x9'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if481013ss48x10x13"H 6" R Stainless form
if481096ss48"x10'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4811136ss48"x11'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481196ss48"x11'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4812136ss48"x12'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481296ss48"x12'x9"H 6" R Stainless
if4813136ss48"x13'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481396ss48"x13'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4814136ss48"x14'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481496ss48"x14'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4815136ss48"x15'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481596ss48"x15'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4816136ss48"x16'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481696ss48"x16'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4817136ss48"x17'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481796ss48"x17'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4818136ss48"x18'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481896ss48"x18'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4819136ss48"x19'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if481996ss48"x19'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4820136ss48"x20'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482096ss48"x20'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4821136ss48"x21'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482196ss48"x21'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4822136ss48"x22'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482296ss48"x22'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4823136ss48"x23'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482396ss48"x23'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4824136ss48"x24'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482496ss48"x24'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4825136ss48"x25'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482596ss48"x25'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4826136ss48"x26'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482696ss48"x26'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4827136ss48"x27'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482796ss48"x27'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4828136ss48"x28'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482896ss48"x28'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4829136ss48"x29'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if482996ss48"x29'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4830136ss48"x30'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if483096ss48"x30'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4831136ss48"x31'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if483196ss48"x31'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4832136ss48"x32'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if483296ss48"x32'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4833136ss48"x33'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if483396ss48"x33'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4834136ss48"x34'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if483496ss48"x34'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4835136ss48"x35'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if483596ss48"x35'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if4836136ss48"X36'X13"H 6"R Stainless
if483696ss48"x36'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if605136ss60"x5'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if60596ss60"x5'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if606136ss60"x6'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if60696ss60"x6'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if607136ss60"x7'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if60796ss60"x7'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if608136ss60"x8'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if60896ss60"x8'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if609136ss60"x9'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if60996ss60"x9'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6010136ss60"x10'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if601096ss60"x10'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6011136ss60"x11'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if601196ss60"x11'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6012136ss60"x12'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if601296ss60"x12'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6013136ss60"x13'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if601396ss60"x13'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6014136ss60"x14'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if601496ss60"x14'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6015136ss60"x15'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if601596ss60"x15'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6016136ss60"x16'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if601696ss60"x16'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6017136ss60"x17'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if601796ss60"x17'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6018136ss60"x18'x13"h 6"R Stainless
if601896ss60"x18'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6019136ss60"x19'x13"H 6" R Stainless
if601996ss60"x19'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6020136ss60"x20'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602096ss60"x20'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6021136ss60"x21'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602196ss60"x21'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6022136ss60"x22'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602296ss60"x22'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6023136ss60"x23'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602396ss60"x23'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6024136ss60"x24'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602496ss60"x24'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6025136ss60"x25'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602596ss60"x25'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6026136ss60"x26'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602696ss60"x26'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6027136ss60"x27'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602796ss60"x27'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6028136ss60"x28'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602896ss60"x28'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6029136ss60"x29'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if602996ss60"x29'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6030136ss60"x30'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if603096ss60"x30'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6031136ss60"x31'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if603196ss60"x31'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6032136ss60"x32'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if603296ss60"x32'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6033136ss60"x33'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if603396ss60"x33'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6034136ss60"x34'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if603496ss60"x34'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6035136ss60"x35'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if603596ss60"x35'x9"H 6"R Stainless
if6036136ss60"x36'x13"H 6"R Stainless
if603696ss60"x36'x9"H 6"R Stainless

Standard Forms CS

if30513630"x5'x13"H 6" Radius Stl.
if3059630"x5'x9"H 6"R Stl.
if36513636"x5'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if3659636"x5'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if36613636"x6'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if3669636"x6'x9"H 6"R Steel Form
if36713636"x7'x13"H 6"R stl form
if3679636"x7'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if36813636"x8'x13"H 6"RStl Form
if3689636"x8'x9"H 6"R Stl. Form
if36913636"x9'x13"H 6"R stl form
if3699636"x9'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if361013636"x10'x13"H 6"R stl form
if36109636"x10'x9"H 6"R stl form
if361113636"x11'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if36119636"x11'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if361213636"x12'x13"H 6"R stl. form
if36129636"x12'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if361313636"x13'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if36139636"x13'x9"H 6"R stl form
if361413636"x14'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if36149636"x14'x9"H 6"R stl. form
if361513636"x15'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if36159636"x15'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if361613636"x16'x13"H6"R Stl. Form
if36169636"x16'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if361713636"x17'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36179636"x17'x9"H 6"R Stl. Form
if361813636"x18'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if36189636"x18'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if361913636"x19'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if36199636"x19'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if362013636"x20'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36209636"x20'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if362113636"x21'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36219636"x21'x9"H 6" R Stl. Form
if362213636"x22'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36229636"x22'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if362313636"x23'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36239636"x23'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if362413636"x24'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36249636"x24'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if362513636"x25'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if36259636"x25'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if3626139636"x26'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36269636"x26'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if362713636"x27'x13"h 6"R Stl Form
if36279636"x27'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if362813636"x28'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36289636"x28'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if362913636"x29'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36299636"x29'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if363013636"x30'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36309636"x30'x9"H 6"R Stl. form
if363113636"x31'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36319636"x31'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if363213636"x32'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if36329636"x32'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if363313636"x33'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36339636'x33'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if363413636"x34'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36349636"x34'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if363513636'x35'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36359636"x35'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if363613636"x36'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if36369636"x36'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if48513648"x5'x13"H 6"R Stl Form
if4859648"x5'x9"H 6"R stl form
if486136 48"x6'x13"H 6" R stl. form
if4861362pc48"x6'x13"H 6"R Stl. Form 2pcs
if4869648"x6'x9"H6"R stl. form
if48713648"x7'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if4879648"x7'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if48813648" x8'x13"H 6" R stl.form
if4889648"x8'x9"H 6"R Stl. Form
if48913648"x9'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if4899648"x9'x9"H 6" R Stl form
if481013648"x10'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48109648"x10'x9"H 6" R stl.form
if481113648"x11'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48119648"x11'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if481213648"x12'x13"H 6"R stl form
if48129648"x12'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if481313648"x13'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48139648"x13'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if481413648"x14'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48149648"x14'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if481513648"x15'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if48159648"x15'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if481613648"x16'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48169648"x16'x9"H 6 "R stl form
if481713648"x17'x13"H 6"R Stl Form
if48179648"x17'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if481813648"x18'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48189648"x18'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if481913648"x19'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if48199648"x19'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482013648"x20'x13"H 6" R stl. form
if48209648"x20'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482113648"x21'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48219648"x21'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482213648"x22'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48229648"x22'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482313648"x23'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48239648"x23'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482413648"x24'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48249648"x24'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482513648"x25'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48259648"x25'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482613648"x26'x13"h 6"R Stl form
if48269648"x26'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482713648"x27'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48279648"x27'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482813648"x28'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48289648"x28'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if482913648"x29'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48299648"x29'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if483013648"x30'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48309648"x30'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if483113648"x31'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48319648"x31'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if48329648"x32'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if48329648"x32'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if483313648"x33'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48339648"x33'x9"H 6"R stl form
if483413648"x34'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48349648"x34'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if483513648"x35'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48359648"x35'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if483613648"x36'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if48369648"x36'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if60513660"x5'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if6059660'x5'x9"H 6"R stl form
if60613660"x6'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if6069660"x6'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if60713660"x7'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if6079660"x7'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if60813660"x8'x13"H 6"R Stl. Form
if6089660"x8'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if60913660"x9'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if6099660"x9'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601013660"x10'x13"H 6"R Stl. Form
if60109660"x10'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601113660"x11'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60119660"x11'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601213660"x12'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60129660"x12'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601313660"x13'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60139660"x13'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601413660"x14'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60149660"x14'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601513660"x15'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60159660"x15'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601613660"x16'x13"H 6" R Stl form
if60169660"x16'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601713660"x17'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60179660"x17'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601813660"x18'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60189660"x18'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if601913660"x19'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60199660"x19'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602013660"x20'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60209660"x20'x9"h 6"R Stl form
if602113660"x21'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60219660"x21'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602213660"x22'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60229660"x22'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602313660"x23'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60239660"x23'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602413660"x24'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60249660"x24'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602513660"x25'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60259660"x25'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602613660"x26'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60269660"x26'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602713660"x27'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60279660"x27'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602813660"x28'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60289660"x28'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if602913660"x29'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60299660"x29'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if603013660"x30'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60309660"x30'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if603113660"x31'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60319660"x31'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if603213660"x32'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60329660"x32'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if603313660"x33'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60339660"x33'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if603413660"x34'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60349660"x34'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if603513660"x35'x13"H 6"R Stl form
if60359660"x35'x9"H 6"R Stl form
if603613660"x36'x13"H 6"R Stl. form
if60369660"x36'x9"H 6"R Stl form
A drawing of the front and back of a table.

Stainless Steel Side Rails

ifs113ss1'x13"H side rail stainless
ifs19ss1'x9"H side rail Stainless
ifs213ss2'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs29ss2'x9"H side rail Stainless
ifs313ss3'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs39ss3'x9"H side rail Stainless
ifs413ss4'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs49ss4'x9"H Side Rail Stainless
ifs513ss5'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs59ss5'x9"H side rail Stainless
ifs613ss6'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs69ss6'x9"H Side Rail Stainless
ifs713ss7'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs79ss7'x9"H side rail Stainless
ifs813ss8'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs89ss8'x9'H side rail Stainless
ifs913ss9'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs99ss9'x9"H side rail Stainless
ifs1013ss10'x13"H side rail Stainless
ifs109ss10'x9"H side rail Stainless

Side Rails CS

ifs1131'x13"H side rail stl.
ifs191'x9"H side rail Stl.
ifs2132'x13"H side rail Stl.
ifs292'x9"H side rail Stl.
ifs3133'x13"H side rail stl.
ifs393'x9"H side rail Stl
ifs4134'x13"H side rail Stl
ifs494'x9"H Side Rail Stl.
ifs5135'x13"H side rail stl.
ifs595'x9"H side rail Stl
ifs6136'x13"H side rail Stl
ifs696'x9"H Side Rail stl.
ifs7137'x13"H side rail stl.
ifs797'x9"H side rail Stl
ifs8138'x13"H side rail Stl
ifs898'x9'H side rail Stl
ifs9139'x13"H side rail Stl
ifs999'x9"H side rail Stl
ifs101310'x13"H side rail stl.
ifs10910'x9"H side rail Stl.

Stainless Steel Ends

ife30136ss30"x13"H 6" R Stainlessend
ife3013FRss30"x13"H FR Stainless end
ife3096ss30"x9"H 6"R Stainless end
ife309frss30"x9"H FR Stainless end
ife36136ss36"x13"H 6" R Stainless end
ife3613frss36"x13"H FR Stainless end
ife3696ss36"x9"H 6" R Stainless end
ife369frss36"x9"H FR Stainless end
ife42136ss42"x13"H 6"R Stainless end
ife4213frss42"x13"H FR Stainless end
ife4296ss42"x9"H 6"R Stainless l end
ife429frss42"x9"H FR Stainless end
ife48136ss48"x13"H 6"R Stainlessend
ife4813frss48"x13"H FR Stainless l end
ife4896ss48"x9"H 6"R Stainless end
ife489frss48"x9"H FR Stainless end
ife54136ss54"x13"H 6"R Stainless end
ife5413frss54"x13"H FR Stainless end
ife5496ss54"x9"H 6"R Stainless end
ife549frss54"x9"H FR Stainless end
ife60136ss60"x13"H 6"R Stainless end
ife6013frss60"x13"H FR Stainless end
ife6096ss60"x9"H 6"R Stainless end
ife609frss60"x9"H FR Stianless end
ife66136ss66"x13"H 6"R Stainless end
ife6613frss66"x13"H FR Stainless end
ife6697ss66"x9"H 6"R Stainless end
ife669frss66"x9"H FR Stainless end
ife72137ss72"x13"H 6"R Stainless end
ife7213frss72"x13"H FR Stainless end
ife7296ss72"x9" H 6"R Stainless end
ife729frss72"x9"H FR Stainless end

Ends CS

ife3013630"x13"H 6" R stl. end
ife3013FR30"x13"H FR Stl end
ife309630"x9"H 6"R Stl end
ife309fr30"x9"H FR Stl end
ife3613636"x13"H 6" R Stl. end
ife3613fr36"x13"H FR Stl end
ife369636"x9"H 6" R Stl. end
ife369fr36"x9"H FR Stl end
ife4213642"x13"H 6"R Stl end
ife4213fr42"x13"H FR Stl end
ife429642"x9"H 6"R Stl end
ife429fr42"x9"H FR Stl end
ife4813648"x13"H 6"R stl end
ife4813fr48"x13"H FR Stl end
ife489648"x9"H 6"R Stl end
ife489fr48"x9"H FR Stl end
ife5413654"x13"H 6"R Stl end
ife5413fr54"x13"H FR Stl end
ife549654"x9"H 6"R Stl end
ife549fr54"x9"H FR Stl end
ife6013660"x13"H 6"R Stl end
ife6013fr60"x13"H FR Stl end
ife609660"x9"H 6"R Stl end
ife609fr60"x9"H FR Stl end
ife6613666"x13"H 6"R Stl end
ife6613fr66"x13"H FR Stl end
ife669666"x9"H 6"R Stl end
ife669fr66"x9"H FR Stl end
ife7213672"x13"H 6"R Stl end
ife7213fr72"x13"H FR Stl end
ife729672"x9" H 6"R Stl end
ife729fr72"x9"H FR Stl end

Bowtie Forms

Stainless Steel

bt48713ss48"x7'x13"H Bowtie Stainless
bt4879ss48"x7'x9"H Bowtie Stainless
bt48813ss48"x8'x13"H Bowtie Stainless
bt4889ss48"x8'x9"H Bowtie Stainless
bt481013ss48"x10'x13"H Bowtie Stainless
bt48109ss48"x10'x9"H Bowtie Stainless
bt481213ss48"x12'x13"H Bowtie Stainless
bt48129ss48"x12'x9"H Bowtie Stainless
bt481513ss48"x15'x13"H Bowtie Stainless
bt48159ss48"x15'x9"H Bowtie Stainless


bt4871348"x7'x13"H Bowtie Stl.
bt487948"x7'x9"H bowtie Stl
bt4881348"x8'x13"H Bowtie Stl.
bt488948"x8'x9"H Bowtie Stl.
bt48101348"x10'x13"H Bowtie Stl.
bt4810948"x10'x9"H Bowtie Stl.
bt48121348"x12'x13"H Bowtie Stl.
bt4812948"x12'x9"H Bowtie Stl.
bt48151348"x15'x13"H Bowtie Stl.
bt4815948"x15'x9"H Bowtie Stl.
  • We cannot shorten our 7′ Bowtie, but we can lengthen it.
  • When lengthening forms please specify width, height and center width and either Center or Offset styles.
  • On 48″ wide forms centers are 30″ & on 60″ wide forms centers are 36″.

1. When ordering please specify the width, length and height.
2. Consider using either welded on bumpers or pipe guards 
    for greater protection of your dispensers.
3. For multiple product dispensers and pump boxes see our web site for 
    complete listings

Barbell Forms

Stainless Steel

bb#1 60713ss60"x7'x13"H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 6079ss60"x7'x9" H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 60813ss60"x8'x13"H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 6089ss60"x8'x9"H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 601013ss60"x10'x13"H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 60109ss60"x10'x9"H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 601213ss60"x12'x13"H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 60129ss60"x12'x9"H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 601513ss60"x15'x13"H #1 Barbell Stainless
bb#1 60159ss60"x15'x9"H #1 Barbell Stainless


bb#1 4871348"x7'x13"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 487948"x7'x9"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 488948"x8'x9"H #1 Barbell Stl
bb #1 4881348"x8'x13"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb #1 48101348"x10'x13"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 4810948"x10'x9"H #1 Barbell Stl
bb#1 48121348"x12'x13"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 4812948"x12'x9"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 6071360"x7'x13"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 607960"x7'x9"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 6081360"x8'x13"H #1 Barbell Stl
bb#1 608960"x8'x9"H #1 Barbell Stl
bb#1 60101360"x10'x13"H #1 Barbell
bb#1 6010960"x10'x9"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 60121360"x12'x13"H #1 Barbell Stl.
bb#1 6012960"x12'x9"H #1 Barbell Stl
  • For other sizes not listed add or subtract side rails to obtain the desired length of form.
  • Call or e-mail for pricing details.
  • The forms may be shortened or lengthened.
  • On 48″ wide forms centers are 30″ & on 60″ wide forms centers are 36″.

1. When ordering please specify the width, length and height.
2. Consider using either welded on bumpers or pipe guards 
    for greater protection of your dispensers.
3. For multiple product dispensers and pump boxes see or web site for 
    complete listings


Bumpers fit all of our Regular, Bowtie, and Barbell Island Forms and Ends.
When considering the use of bumpers add the bumper(s) price to the price of the island or ends.   Bumpers may be lengthened or manufactured higher than shown below for an additional cost.  Call the factory for sizes not shown.

Please advise the depth of the bumper when requesting a quote.

Stainless Steel

bb3012ss30"x12"H Bumper Stainless
bb3018ss30"x18"H Bumper Stainless
bb3024ss30"x24"H Bumper Stainless
bb3036ss30"x36"H bumper stainless
bb3612ss36"x12"H Bumper Stainless
bb3618ss36"x18"H Bumper Stainless
bb3624ss36"x24"H bumper stainless
bb3636ss36"x36"H bumper stainless
bb4212ss42"x12"H bumper stainless
bb4218ss42"x18"H bumper stainless
bb4224ss42"x24"H bumper stainless
bb4236ss42"x36"H bumper stainless
bb4812ss48"x12"H bumper stainless
bb4818ss48"x18"H bumper stainless
bb4824ss48"x24"H bumper stainless
bb4836ss48"x36"H bumper stainless
bb5412ss54"x12"H bumper stainless
bb5418ss54"x18"H bumper stainless
bb5424ss54"x24"H bumper stainless
bb5436ss54"x36 bumper stainless
bb6012ss60"x12"H bumper stainless
bb6018ss60"x18"H bumper stainless
bb6024ss60"x24"H bumper stainless
bb6036ss60"x36"H bumper stainless
bb6612ss66"x12"H bumper stainless
bb6618ss66"x18"H bumper stainless
bb6624ss66"x24"H bumper stainless
bb6636ss66"x36"H bumper stainless
bb7212ss72"x12"H bumper stainless
bb7218ss72"x18"H bumper stainless
bb7224ss72"x24"H bumper stainless
bb7236ss72"x36"H bumper stainless


bb301230"x12"H Stl bumper
bb301830"x18"H Stl Bumper
bb302430"x24"H Bumper Steel
bb303630"x36"H bumper steel
bb361236"x12"H Bumper Steel
bb361836"x18"H Bumper steel
bb362436"x24"H bumper steel
bb363636"x36"H bumper steel
bb421242"x12"H bumper steel
bb421842"x18"H bumper steel
bb422442"x24"H bumper steel
bb423642"x36"H bumper steel
bb481248"x12"H bumper steel
bb481848"x18"H bumper steel
bb482448"x24"H bumper steel
bb483648"x36"H bumper steel
bb541254"x12"H bumper steel
bb541854"x18"H bumper steel
bb542454"x24"H bumper steel
bb543654"x36"H bumper steel
bb601260"x12"H bumper steel
bb601860"x18"H bumper steel
bb602460"x24"H bumper steel
bb603660"x36"H bumper steel
bb661266"x12"H bumper steel
bb661866"x18"H bumper steel
bb662466"x24"H bumper steel
bb663666"x36"H bumper steel
bb721272"x12"H bumper steel
bb721872"x18"H bumper steel
bb722472"x24"H bumper steel